The most comprenhensive e-signature solution 

that meets your operational and legal requirements

Ensures legal recognition through compliancy with eIDAS regulation

Delivers full features

Seamless integration with your business workflows


Augmented with Legal Archival services delivered by our partner (API)

Enhanced with Notarization services delivered by our Blockhain-based solution

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The rationale behind eSignature

In a continuously changing world

Your clients, your partners and most public administrations…

  • Are all connected and operate in digitalized virtual environments…
  • … Based on network and cloud infrastructures

Your employees are working offsite and telecommuting is becoming the norm

Fraud risk and cyberattacks are growing exponentially

The benefits

Increase efficiencies of your employees and your processes

Secure all commitments

Eliminate fraud

Reduce significantly the cost

Reduce carbon footprint

Establish legal binding between the parties


As a comprehensive solution, BCS-Sign offers a rich list of features adapted to each role

The Sender

The sender can be an end-user or an application (e.g Pastell)

The sender issues a request for signing a document or group of documents, to external recipients (future signers).

Senders access lot of features to automate the preparation of the documents according to predefined templates, set up the signing workflows with deadlines for signing by each recipient, customize the positioning of the signature spaces.

After sending, they can track the evolution of the process, send alerts and reminders

Once the process is complete, they can invoke archival or notarization services.  

Available features for the Sender

Each user owning an account (administrator, sender) will go through an authentication server before accessing the server.

Signers, who don’t have an account will be verified through MFA authentication and more


BCS Sign accepts documents generated by all known office tools and can be associated to other documents as attachments.

Signature spaces can be customized according to the applicable rules


Senders can set up the appropriate parameters for the signing process (who and when and how)

Monitoring and reporting

Once sent, the request can be monitored (step by step).

Tracking is done in real time with an uploaded report on the status of each signer.

Issuing the signing request

Once the document is ready , senders can issue the request for signing with a simple click

The Signers

After the request is issued, three parties are concerned:

Two levels of signers, and one group who will be recipients of the signed documents for information only.

Current workflow (by default) defines one level of signer and another level of approver.

Other workflows can be programmed upon request.

Available features for the Signers

Future signers are notified of the signing request by mail with an invitation to sign and a link to the document to be signed


Signers have a larger flexibility in the signing process. They can use any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, where they can be reached by mail.


Signers can only perform the signing process after an identity verification process : simple and extended.

The simple verification is done through a token (code) sent by mail or by phone (the selection of each channel will depend on the availability of the recipient information).

The extended verification is done through a face-match process in which the recipient is request to scan an ID card with a picture, and simultaneously transfer a picture with his/her personal camera.


The signature is performed remotely in the server

Three levels of electronic signature are proposed according to eIDAS regulation:

‘simple’ electronic signature, ‘advanced’ electronic signature and ‘qualified’ electronic signature, as defined in eIDAS Article 3

Once completed, the signer receives a PDF copy of the document signed and a certificate of signature


Signers can view and check the document before signing, they can express comments according to the predefined fields and they have the option to reject the signing request.

After signing, they will possess the certificate of signature as a proof, a copy of the document, and a complete file xith more details on the overall process.


with regulations and standards


eIDAS compliance


Simple eIDAS timestamp


Certificate Authority integration


Compliance with GDPR



Additional services

Legal archival service delivered by our partner API

Notarization services on the Blockchain delivered from BCS Certify

Delivery model 

adapted to your environment

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