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Blockchain is a disruptive technology that will transform the way transactions are done between organisations and citizens.


For Entreprises

  • Blockchain network adapted to users’ needs and supporting decentralized applications
  • Shared KYC use case to optimize the process of customers due diligence
  • Identity Management system built on decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials model (compliant with W3C recommendations)
  • Platform for digital signature of business documents


For System Integrators

  • Rich technology stack compliant with the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) framework

Entreprise Blockchain 

Entreprise Blockchain

EEA compatible (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance)

  • Permissioned with public and private access
  • MultiCloud (Multiple suppliers: AWS, Azure, OVH, GCP, sovereign clouds)
  • Network scalability
  • Quick deployment
  • Interoperability with public permissionless Blockchains
  • Identity management
  • Private transactions
  • High performance – selection of BFT consensus protocol
  • Token factory
  • Standards adoption: ERC 20, ERC 721,…
  • Customized governance rules
  • Workflows support and integration of automation features through Smart contracts
  • Integration with enterprise applications : ERP, CRM, Verticals, …

Compatible Stack

Technology Stack – EEA Compatible

Shared KYC

Use Case − Shared KYC

Customer Due Diligence application

For persons and legal entities

  • Consortium creation with strict rules of governance
  • Assignment of roles to each consortium member
  • Control rights to upload, read, and extract from the shared document store
  • Access to due diligence after user consent (GDPR compliance)
  • Token-based business model for the production and reuse of shared diligence files
  • Comprehensive solution with the following modules: Wallet, Identity Hub, Shared Document Store, Web Applications, Dashboard, and Blockchain

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