Blockchain Secure obtains the label JEI “Jeune Entreprise Innovante”

The Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation has rewarded Blockchain Secure the label of JEI for its advanced R&D program in Blockchain solutions.

Blockchain Secure launches its Notarisation solution !

Proof of existence and ownership of your Digital Assets (NFT)

Blockchain Secure launches its eSignature solution !

Full digitalization of your processes and engagements beyond your enterprise’s limits Backed by a blockchain-based Notarisation service   Fast, Secure, Green

The Architecture of Private Blockchains: Collaborative Environment 101

The Architecture of Private Blockchains : Collaborative Environment 101  Blockchain has hit the mainstream through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and is currently a hot topic. Nevertheless, the technology and the possibilities it opens are still abstract for...
Digital euro could take 4 years according to the ECB

Digital euro could take 4 years according to the ECB

While China is launching the digital Yuan in 2021, China Creates Its Own Digital Currency, a First for Major Economy - WSJ, Europe  is announcing the launch of Digital Euro in 4 years ECB’s Christine Lagarde Says Digital Euro Should Launch Within Four Years: Report -...

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