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We deliver Blockchain solutions to enterprise ecosystems that are scalable, sovereign and integrated to their Information Systems


Blockchain Secure becomes QuantumBCS

After 2 years working on Blockchain solutions, Blockchain Secure SAS has expanded its business scope to cover Quantum Technologies (QT), and more specifically, Software Development platforms adapted to various Quantum hardware models: analog (annealing), and digital (gate-based: superconducting...

European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC), Prague.

The sixth edition of the European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) took place on September 28 in Prague. This annual event gathered talents from Europe to discuss and challenge each other about the Cyber Security sector. Najah NAFFAH (CEO of Blockhain Secure) hosted a presentation about AI and...

Blockchain Secure cooperates with Telecom SudParis for a fair remuneration of artists

Blockchain Secure cooperates with Telecom SudParis for a fair remuneration of artistsWhile the music industry is forecasted to reach an estimated USD47 billion worth by 2027, it has greatly suffered from the COVID crisis: live performances have been impossible for over 1 year, leading digital...

Blockchain Secure and Telecom SudParis work together for cultural heritage protection

Blockchain Secure and Telecom SudParis work together for cultural heritage protectionBlockchain Secure and Telecom SudParis cooperate around protection of cultural heritage with combination of Blockchain and fingerprint technologies. Discover our Lempicka project:

Digital euro could take 4 years according to the ECB

While China is launching the digital Yuan in 2021, China Creates Its Own Digital Currency, a First for Major Economy - WSJ, Europe  is announcing the launch of Digital Euro in 4 years ECB’s Christine Lagarde Says Digital Euro Should Launch Within Four Years: Report - CoinDesk. Europe is...

Our mission

Helping you in adopting and deploying Blockchain solutions


A trust foundation for all transactions

A technology stack to configure your Blockchain network according to your cooperative environment

A selected set of decentralized applications



Does the Blockchain provide real value and a risk-free ROI ?

Opportunity Analysis

Functionnal aspects, Governance, Budget, Roadmap

Solution Architecture

POC (Proof of Concept), MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and qualified solutions


Deployment in production environment

Services and technical support

Compliance with SLA and regulations, business continuity, continuous improvement

Our expertise

Blockchain Ethereum

Permissionless and permissioned (public and private)

Technology Stack

Based on the framework of the EEA Alliance (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance)


Smart Contracts

Development which reflects the cooperation rules of partners ecosystem

Managed Services and Hosting

Blockchain nodes network, middleware and application environment


DPKI and Oracle tools, wallet management and token factory

Storage and Cloud

Cloud storage services, decentralized storage (IPFS) and multi-cloud deployment

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