After 2 years working on Blockchain solutions, Blockchain Secure SAS has expanded its business scope to cover Quantum Technologies (QT), and more specifically, Software Development platforms adapted to various Quantum hardware models: analog (annealing), and digital (gate-based: superconducting circuits, trapped-ions, photons, semiconducting quantum-dots or neutral atoms).

This expansion has been motivated by two factors: the maturation of Quantum computing technologies during the last decade, and their ability to bring security foundations to Blockchain solutions, making them ready for the post-quantum era.

QuantumBCS’s portfolio in Quantum Computing is based on the QPath platform, developed by aQuantum, an alhambraIT company specialized in Quantum Software Engineering, with whom QuantumBCS signed a Solution Partner agreement earlier this year. QPath brings a full life cycle software development platform, starting from algorithm design, to development, testing, and deployment. QPath’s unique approach integrates multiple features: it’s quantum hardware agnostic, coexists with current software frameworks, runs as-a-service in different Clouds, operates in hybrid mode with classical IT environment, and complies with most software engineering best practices recommended by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of the Carnegie Mellon University.

Blockchain solutions developed by Blockchain Secure (BCS-Certify), will be maintained and will evolve to accommodate enterprise requirements in terms of privacy, security, and scalability. A special effort will be undertaken to leverage Quantum computing advantages in the Blockchain world around the following topics: Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) which can solve the threats to algorithms currently deployed in the Blockchain (hashing and asymmetric key cryptography), and Secret Key Distribution, which could revolutionize the way transactions are secured over peer-to-peer networks.

In its first steps, QuantumBCS will focus on establishing strong links with Quantum computing and Blockchain competence centers in France, to conduct jointly advanced research projects that can help the French ecosystem reach a leadership position in the near future.