About us

Blockchain Secure is a startup founded by a team of young and senior individuals passionate about Blockchain applications capabilities in solving real world trust problems

Adopting Blockchain

Our vision

Blockchain is a disruptive technology that allows business partners to exchange information in a secure and traceable manner, without intermediaries, in an environment of trust.

It answers the users’ need to regain control of their personal information and verifies the authenticity and provenance of each information.

It optimizes decision processes by securely automating actions using Smart Contracts and paves the way for the flexible management of digital assets represented in the form of Tokens on the Blockchain.


Our ambition

To become a leader in helping enterprises ecosystems to deploy Blockchain solutions and leverage its rich set of applications


Our Expertise

Blockchain Ethereum

Permissionless and permissioned (public and private)


Smart Contracts

Development which reflects the cooperation rules of partners ecosystem


DPKI and Oracle tools, wallet management and token factory

Technology Stack

Based on the framework of the EEA Alliance (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance)

Managed Services and Hosting

Blockchain nodes network, middleware and application environment

Storage and Cloud

Cloud storage services, decentralized storage (IPFS) and multi-cloud deployment

Contact us

BlockChain Secure

111, avenue Victor Hugo
75784  Paris Cedex 16

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